About us


Due to the number of members, it is possible to make joint purchases from suppliers in order to achieve higher savings and to use together the shared resources in the form of IT infrastructure, etc…


Marketing is a basic tool for acquiring new business partners. The goal of the cluster is to unite members' activities, make them visible together and create umbrella brands.


Our members are mainly small and medium-sized companies and therefore we know how difficult it is to get additional funding for research and development activities. We are therefore trying to make available to our members as much money as possible from grants and subsidies or from micro-loans.

Human Resources

We help in finding suitable employees in several forms: jointly attending job fairs, sharing information about potential candidates, organizing lectures for students and actively cooperating with schools.


The pace of development in recent years has shown that continuous education of staff is needed. In addition to helping with the education of cluster members' staff, we focus on cooperating with secondary schools and universities, which are a valuable source of future staff.

Development and innovation

Innovation in e-commerce and technology industries is key to increasing the competitiveness of cluster members. These two market segments are the fastest growing and changing in the last 10 years. The cluster aims to consolidate the position of its members through joint projects, development and research.